E-Commerce Solutions - Brigita Solutions
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E-Commerce Solutions

What We Do??

We are a leading eCommerce development service provider, delivering state-of-the-art eCommerce solutions using most popular platforms Parajumpers Jacka Kodiak and frameworks. From small entrepreneurial level companies to large online businesses, we have capability to serve all the businesses and develop all kinds of ecommerce websites with marvelous features.

Design & Development
We help craft a strategy and provide solutions to engage audiences with your business. Ultimately, we assist you in creating a user experience, which leads to more traffic and more conversions.
With eCommerce Consulting, we offer the opportunity to take your business to the Internet, to sell through the fastest growing e Commerce network. We provide solutions adaptable to your business and your clients, and scalable as your future needs. Business grows.
Custom Solution
With custom solutions, there are no compromises. The system is developed to exactly match your needs. As your needs evolve, the software can evolve with you.With a custom e-commerce solution, all your needs are met with professionalism and swift resolve.
Changing business scenario and global trends demand organisations to stay on top of things and our experienced consultants are here to guide our client’s to face the market demands with style
Market place solution
Our Marketplace solutions are ideally built to meet your most complex needs, achieve quick time to market and provide your customers with an exceptional and flawless buying experience. our experts will help making you one of the biggest online player in your field.

Production Process

Requirement gathering & Analysis

We gather stakeholders requirements and analyse their business and come up with custom solution to meet their specific needs.

Architecture Design

Our Architects propose solutions which are scalable and dynamic to reflect the changing market demands and business environments

Application Development

Experienced development team ensures the application is built adhering to the industry best practices, within the budget and planned time to enable the client to hit the market at the earliest possible time and thus stay ahead of the competition.

End-to-End testing

Our QA team ensures all the bugs are captured and rectified before delivering the application. We test the application right from the design to Business logics to how the application behaves across the platforms and devices


We deploy the applications in our VPS or on a service provider of client’s choice. Whatever the choice, we ensure the application is deployed and running at its full capacity.

Maintenance & support

Our team ensures the application is functioning smoothly and the performance is unhampered due to heavy traffic. We also ensure that the security of the sites are maintained high.