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The advent of Internet, Social Media and Mobility, has transformed the retail industry significantly. Consumers now seek instant information and a seamless experience across channels. As a result, product lifecycles, and hence the order-to-fulfillment cycles are becoming shorter. This is giving rise to opportunities in areas such as inventory consolidation and rationalization and posing new challenges in optimally balancing demand and supply times. Brigita has been partnering with retail industry leaders in a diverse segments.



Brigita addresses your manufacturing business needs with solutions designed to increase performance and profitability and decrease cost to your organization. We help in Optimizing manufacturing value chain, Leverage comprehensive manufacturing industry-specific solutions to improve operations, reduce shutdowns and establish a safe environment. Our involvement maximize returns on capital projects, enhance efficiency of operations, providing collaboration and fostering innovation in your manufacturing organization.


Brigita, leverages data expertise, deep analytics capabilities, and open standards to create new models for personalized education that improve student outcomes and align graduates to successful careers while ensuring your institution's infrastructure is optimized for sustainability. We help Improve teaching effectiveness and learning outcomes by providing teachers and students the technology solutions and services they need to be successful from kindergarten through graduation to employment in the workforce.



Brigita is helping industry leaders thrive in a connected world and meet new demands for agility. Our Technology practice serves the communication, computing and consumer electronics segments in the technology & high-tech industry.