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Cloud Security, Data & AI

DevOps is all the rage in tech and software right now.

As organizations transition to hybrid cloud security, they need to protect sensitive data and adhere to regulations that enable them to leverage the benefits of AI. AI and ML have transformed cloud computing, improving efficiency, scalability, and performance. It improves operations through predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and automation. However, the increasing ubiquity and availability of AI also exposes cloud computing to a wider range of security threats. AI democratization has brought tremendous benefits, but it also raises significant security challenges as it broadens the threat landscape.

Here at Brigita AI cloud security solutions, we’re developing systems that monitor and protect data. We’re building trust in AI with robust evaluation, certification, and protection against attacks. Brigita assists you in overcoming AI security challenges in cloud computing. A holistic approach, including improved data privacy practices, regular audits, rigorous testing, and efficient resource management, is required. As AI continues to transform the security landscape, constant innovation and adaptability are essential for cloud security strategies.


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