Creating Value at Large Scale

Brigita, your committed business consulting partner throughout the software development process, will hasten the pace of your digital transformation.

Apache Suite

Easily streamline collaborative workflows and simplify large-scale projects.

Build your future vision with the Apache Suite. OpenOffice can be a game-changer for the IT business. It offers flexible word processors, powerful spreadsheets, dynamic graphics, database access, and more than any other office software package on the market. For all these businesses, the value proposition of Apache software is unbeatable. No more spending a lot of money on software licenses for your clients. Apache Suite allows you to offer high-quality office software.

As more and more companies adopt OpenOffice as the standard, the exchange of data between office programs will become as simple as saving a file—system integrators’ dream. Brigita OpenOffice Solutions has a wide range of options for developers; it takes pride in being compatible with other office programs, both in terms of how it works and the files that it uses. At Brigita, we don’t limit our clients’ access to OpenOffice. In fact, we open up new possibilities for them.

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