Creating Value at Large Scale

Brigita, your committed business consulting partner throughout the software development process, will hasten the pace of your digital transformation.


Easily streamline collaborative workflows and simplify large-scale projects.

Many companies approach in a perplexed manner due to the difficulty of answering these questions. Salespeople do not share information with marketing; marketing personnel do not know when customers have opened service tickets; and commerce personnel are not open about marketing campaigns. Data silos are a source of frustration. Salesforce’s Service Management (CRM) software provides your team with a single source of storage, monitoring, and management of customer data. This helps to bridge the divide between departments and establishes strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

The entirety of Brigita’s Salesforce Cloud Services portfolio offers Customer 360 services for growth in sales, marketing, commerce, and IT—all based on a common view of customers. The actionable approach of Brigita will enable you to demonstrate to your customers how exceptional your company is. It also increases productivity and accelerates growth by providing your employees with the necessary tools to exceed customer expectations. Furthermore, you can easily customize your experience.

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