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Snowflake provides data storage, processing, and analytics solutions that are much faster, simpler to use, and more flexible than traditional solutions. For the end user, the Snowflake database offers all the features and capabilities of an enterprise analytics database, with many more special features and capabilities. Snowflake handles all aspects of software deployment and updates. The Snowflake architecture is a hybrid between traditional shared-disk architecture and shared-nothing database architecture.

Like a shared-disk structure, Snowflake has a central data repository that stores persistent data that is available from all compute nodes on the platform. But, like a shared-nothing structure, Snowflake also processes queries using massively parallel processing (MPC) compute clusters, where each node on the cluster stores a fraction of the total data set locally. Brigita can not only help you with this approach, which offers the simplicity of shared-disk architecture but also the performance and scalability benefits of shared-nothing architecture.

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