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Infrastructure & Cloud Security

Data must be safeguarded in order for an organization to stay afloat at all costs.

Cloud infrastructure security refers to the process of protecting resources deployed in the cloud environment and the supporting systems that support them. In many ways, public cloud infrastructure is more vulnerable because it’s exposed to the public network and is not behind a protected network perimeter. However, in private or hybrid clouds, security can still be a challenge because there are multiple threats due to a highly automated environment and many integration points with the public cloud system. Our experts protect apps in runtime on all clouds, orchestrators, and operating systems using a zero-trust model that allows for granular control that accurately detects and stops attacks.

Brigita’s cloud security and risk strategy provides self-security capabilities to keep your cloud accounts up-to-date and compliant. Alternatively, you can opt for automated remediation with chosen fixes that provide detailed and actionable advice. Brigita Infrastructure Security continually audits your cloud accounts to identify security risks as well as misconfigurations. It assesses your infrastructure risk as well as compliance best practices across hundreds of configurations.

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