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Managed Security Services

Data must be safeguarded in order for an organization to stay afloat at all costs.

Security operations are a flexible, modular, and open-minded approach to enhancing and fortifying a business’s security and incident response capability. Through the use of AI and automation, businesses can better evaluate, advise, implement, and provide comprehensive managed security services that assist customers in anticipating, protecting against, resisting, and recovering from cyberattacks. Brigita managed security services and response services offer businesses the flexibility to select the necessary tools and operating model to meet varying challenges and requirements in various regions and to determine which geographical locations to deploy capabilities in order to ensure data is processed in compliance and data processing locations.

The Brigita Security Operations Center provides comprehensive support and protection throughout the entire life cycle of cyber threats through the use of AI, machine learning, and integrated automation systems, allowing businesses to integrate their current security teams with Brigita cybersecurity experts or to outsource their cybersecurity operations entirely.

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