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Vulnerability Management

Data must be safeguarded in order for an organization to stay afloat at all costs.

Vulnerability Manager Processes is security software designed for enterprises that emphasizes prioritization. It provides comprehensive coverage, ongoing visibility, risk assessment, and remediation from a single console. Vulnerability management automates and customizes patching for the needs of the organization, providing a near-real-time overview of its security posture. The integrated approach of Vulnerability Manager Plus eliminates the need for several agents, data transfer between solutions, and potential delays in remediation, thus increasing the effectiveness of the overall vulnerability management program.

Brigita protects all endpoints, including workstations and servers, providing a single, unified view of distributed IT. It automatically identifies vulnerabilities, errors, and risky software. Additionally, Brigita allows for a more comprehensive view of vulnerabilities, including CVSS scores and prioritization based on age, vulnerability, and impact. With a few clicks, Brigita vulnerability management services can patch any vulnerability or fix a misconfiguration. It also quickly identifies zero-day vulnerabilities and applies mitigation solutions.

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